Welcome! How has everyone been since my last post? I like that we keep in touch through this blog and the comments. I had gotten tired of facebook, there’s just too much advertising and reposting propaganda and misinformation you know, so I decided to take a trip and go fishing first, I went prepared, even took emergency supplies from https://merrittsupply.com/fairing-fillers/.

I do like it here though. I can post what I want, and you guys, well you know that you’re not just anyone to me. I like being able to post what I want and interact with you guys. So, about that update.

As it turns out I will have to buy vicodin with e-checks. The doctor wants me to take that medication for a couple of weeks. I asked him if he didn’t think it was too strong but he said the dosage is quite minimal, so although it might have a scary connotation I don’t have too much to worry about. He also gave me an alternative and I can order that if I feel this is too strong. I like when doctor’s are understanding… I wish they all understood that we as patients need a little bit of warmth from our doctor because sadly we are encountering him or her at a vulnerable time for us. They don’t all get that, or choose to ignore it.

Just a little bit of empathy will go such a long way. That applies to so many other things in life.