Michaelle (Graphic Designer)

12 things you may not know about Michaelle:

  1. I’m the oldest of 3 kids. I have two younger brothers who live in Iowa.
  2. We have two furry babies at home, ­boxers, Tucker & Sierra. (Sadly, we said a forever goodbye to Tucker February 2016. Sierra passed away December 2022, we just can’t bring ourselves to replace them.)
  3. My favorite chef is Michael Chiarello, I ate at his ­restaurant, Botegga, in Napa Valley, California for one of my big birthdays. (Michael passed away in 2022.)
  4. I collect vintage typewriter tins and have them on display on the wall in my office.
  5. I’m a Chapstick addict. I always have one on hand, at my desk, on my nightstand…
  6. I’ve had my design work published in a book and I’ve won numerous awards.
  7. My husband says “I’ve never met a Moscato (wine) I haven’t liked.”
  8. I’ve known my husband Jeremy for 20+ years, though I always think his birthday is 9/17 when it’s actually on 9/19.
  9. We’ve traveled to China. The air quality really got to me when we landed in ­Shanghai, I had a bit of an asthma ­attack. In 2023 we traveled to Africa to visit the Rose of Charity Orphanage and Moses Lake Academy to shoot video & photos to build a fundraising website.
  10. I was born in California, but lived in Iowa most of my life. I now called Washington State home.
  11. I’ve always been a graphic designer, I have a BFA degree in graphic design. I also studied Photography & Sculpture.
  12. I’m a big believer in karma, what you give always come back. I enjoy ­giving back through my time and design work to ­numerous non-profits and causes in our ­community. I started Care Moses Lake in 2017 to give back to local non-profits and promote giving back to the community.