Jeremy (Website Developer)

Photo by Ken Russell of Guardian Images Photography.

12 things you may not know about Jeremy:

  1. I am an only child and it took five years for my parents to have me.
  2. I don’t watch sports on television, but, I love watching the Olympics, can’t wait for it to start again.
  3. I was the first of my immediate family to go to and graduate from college.
  4. My parents bought their first house about the same time I bought mine, 1997.
  5. As a child I thought I wanted to be a ­veterinarian because a friend of the family was one and I loved animals.
  6. I’m from the Midwest and worked a lot of farm jobs growing up, baled hay, detasselled corn, walked beans, and planted and harvested ­tomatoes.
  7. I enjoy my road bike and I trained to ride the Seattle to Portand (204 miles) in one day in 2014. I finished in 2 days in 2013.
  8. I have never been snow or water skiing before.
  9. I enjoy playing tennis and was on the tennis team in high school.
  10. My wife asked me to dance at a country bar in 1995 and we have been together ever since. We eloped to Las Vegas in 1999.
  11. I am colorblind and have been since I was a kid.
  12. I love working for the family business, Michaelle Boetger Graphic Designs, and it would be hard for me to work for someone else again. Best part was having our boxer Sierra by my side all day long. I miss her every day.