Other Services

Creative Services
Includes graphic design for branding, logo design, forms, stationary, brochures, catalogs, magazines, signage, newsletters, postcards, tradeshow exhibits, product labels, restaurant menus, fundraising events, etc. as well as business marketing materials. Ask us for a FREE QUOTE!
Social Media
We can create and/or update your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to give your brand a consistent look throughout all your marketing and advertising. Ask us for a FREE QUOTE!
Website Development
We develop websites utilizing WordPress and can get your website up and running in no time. We are available to maintain your site for you as well as set up your email accounts. With WordPress there are thousands of plugins to give your website all the functionality it needs, everything from incorporating your email newsletter signup to e-commerce. Ask us for a FREE QUOTE!
We are very competitive when it comes to print marketing and have the experience to get your business noticed. Hiring a professional will make all the difference. We can provide printing of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, magazines, brochures, banners, tradeshow materials, menus, signage, postcards, punch cards, tickets, notecards, stickers…you name it! Click to request a quote today!
Constant Contact
We can get you signed up with email marketing to keep your name in front of your clients or customers. We can design templates for you to send out or design and send out your email marketing for you. It's all about staying in front of your customers, communicating regularly and reminding them of your value. A monthly subscription is very affordable and we can be as involved as you’d like, hire us to design a template for you to change out every month or have us take care of everything, either way, it’s a great way to send out information to your clients, information on upcoming events, specials, promotions, a newsletter… and the best thing is the reporting you’ll get once you send out your emails. Who clicked, who opened, etc. The clicks are a great way to drive traffic to your website… Ask us how we can get you set up for a 60-day FREE TRIAL of email marketing through Constant Contact. Ask us for a FREE QUOTE!
Promotional Items
Do you attend tradeshows and need promotional items with your name on them? We can do that too! We're printed up all sorts of items for our clients, everything from frisbees, chip clips, pens, candy, notebooks, water bottles, wine corks, to tote bags. These days you can get your name on just about anything! Ask us for a FREE QUOTE!
We have been very involved with non-profits in our community and have coordinated fundraising events as well as produced all the marketing materials for the event. We are also able to write up press releases and send to media for all your business news. Ask us for a FREE QUOTE!

You name it! Get your business noticed with professional design!